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Cookie Policy


Out Of brand collects and retains personal information from customers, from any devices have used to access Cookies are important for website functionality and for giving you the best possible experience when using them. A cookie file allows the website or a third party to do things such as improve your experience while you are using the site, recognize preferences when returning to the site and provide necessary technical information for the website. Cookies can help a website to arrange content to match your preferred interests more quickly but cannot be used by themselves to identify you. A session cookie can be used to remember temporary information such as what you’ve placed in your shopping cart. The personal information Out Of collect includes the following:


  • Other content that you generate through the website browsing activity including intended purchases, your marketing preferences, completion of surveys and device identifiers such as IP addresses, cookie IDs, IDFAs and other device identifiers, as well as geo location information, IoT technologies and connection information.


  • Personal information including payment related information you have provided when you registered or purchased through the site.


  • Content that you generate when interacting with the customer services team.

%100 Secure Payment and Return Guarantee

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